Level & Flow, Inc. supplies process, control, and indication instruments to power, process, pharmaceutical, chemical, food / beverage, and other industries. 

Level & Flow, Inc. has acquired 40 years of experience and product knowledge that we use to keep our industrial customers in GA, and throughout the country, equipped with industry leading products from top manufacturers.  Let Level & Flow, Inc. help you find the best product for your specific application.  We are happy to have our Technical Support Team help you over the phone, or have a Technical Field Sales Representative schedule an onsite consultation at your facility.  Contact us today at 770.442.9192.


See what Level & Flow Inc, a Georgia industrial gauge supplier can do for you.

Products and Services

Level and Flow, Inc. has longstanding relationships with dozens of leading manufacturers. We provide the widest selection of industrial products, the most competitive pricing, and the fastest delivery.
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Learn more about Durag boiler and combustion products.

Durag—Our Newest Partner!

Durag Group, is the world’s leading manufacturer of boiler instrumentation, combustion controls, igniters, and burners. Level & Flow, inc. is proud to be Durag’s GA distribution partner.
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Learn more about our sight flow indicators.

Sight Flow Indicators

Level & Flow is America’s leading supplier of sight flow indicators, instrumentation, valves, and control equipment.  Let us put 40 years of knowledge and experience to work for you.
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[testimonial]As a Fortune 100 listed company, we take the process of choosing our suppliers very seriously.  Our suppliers are the foundation of our success.  Level & Flow has been a trusted supplier for over 20 years, and we hope to do business with them for 20 more.[/testimonial]
[testimonial]We needed a replacement part quickly.  We worried that we would have to stop production to wait for a replacement to be delivered.  A shutdown was not an option; we needed delivery right away.  We called Level & Flow and our part was delivered the next morning.  Thanks Alan![/testimonial]
[testimonial]As a storeroom manager, I am often faced with the difficult and time consuming task of identifying and ordering old and unusual items in need of replacement.  When I have trouble finding what I am looking for, I know that I can always call Level & Flow.  I can depend on them to help me find exactly what I am looking for.[/testimonial]