Boiler & Combustion Instruments

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Durag Georgia Boiler Combustion Instruments

Level & Flow, Inc. is your Georgia source for Durag boiler, combustion, ignition, and flame monitoring instruments.  The Durag Group produces the brands of Durag, Hegwein, Smitsvonk, and Verewa; all of which are synonymous with quality.  Let Level & Flow, Inc. help you choose the right Durag product for your application.
  • Environmental Monitoring ProductsDurag D-GT 800 Flame Sensor harsh environment
  • Combustion Technology
  • Burner Controls
  • Flame Monitors
  • Flame Sensors
  • Control Units
  • Pilot Burners
  • Igniters

Our Technical Support Team can help you find exactly what you need.  770.442.9192 

Durag Atlanta, GA Flame Monitor Supplier

Level & Flow, Inc. is Durag’s Atlanta, GA authorized flame monitor supplier and we can help you with an assortment of flame monitoring needs.  Our Durag line is often used for monitoring oil, gas, or coal flames in single and multiple-burner furnaces.  There are a variety of industries that rely on our Durag flame monitors and other Durag combustion products.paper / pulp

  • process plant
  • chemical
  • pharmaceutical
  • biotech
  • power
  • municipal water / wastewater
  • oil refineries / petrochemical
  • food and beverage
  • cement plants

Savannah, GA Durag Pilot Burner Igniters

DURAG pilot burner igniters are a great fit for oil and gas burners of any size.  These igniters can be found worldwide in a wide variety of industrial applications and power plants.  In Savannah, GA and throughout Georgia, you can count on Durag Pilot Burner Igniters for their long life, dependability, ruggedness, and low maintenance.  Durag burner igniters are durable and are not easily affected by humidity, dirt, severe temperatures, harsh environments, or aggressive gases.  Let Level & Flow, Inc. help you select the Durag igniter that is right for you.

  • DURAG Igniters
  • HEGWEIN Gas Fired Igniters
  • HEGWEIN Oil Fired Igniters
  • HEGWEIN Dual-Fuel Igniters
  • SMITSVONK Igniters
  • SMITSVONK Gas Fired Igniters

Contact Level & Flow, Inc. today and let us help you find exactly what you are looking for.  770.442.9192