Glass, Windows, & Gaskets

Brunswick, GA Glass Supplier for Gauges and Sight Flow Indicators

Level & Flow, Inc. can meet all of your glass, sight window, and gasket needs with quality products from companies such as Jacoby Tarbox.  Don’t needlessly risk a shutdown of your Brunswick, GA process plant line; keep your plant’s storeroom stocked with replacement glass, windows, complete kits, and gaskets supplied by Level & Flow, Inc. We keep many of our glass products on the shelf and available for immediate delivery.  In Brunswick, GA and beyond, let Level & Flow, Inc. be your trusted glass supplier for gauges, sight flow indicators, and other industrial products. 770.442.9192

Glass Tubing for Level Gauges
• Duran Borosilicate
• Acrylic
• FEP Clear Teflon TubingJacoby Tarbox Sight Flow Indicator Windows
• Polycarbonate Lexan
• PVC Clear Rigid Tubing

Flat Gauge Glass
• Reflex
• Transparent

Flat Circular and Rectangular Glass
• Annealed Borosilicate
• Tempered Borosilicate
• Cobalt Blue Furnace
• Vycor
• Fused Quartz
• Pyroceram Furnace Glass
• Maxos Molded Annular Edge Glass

Savannah Supplier of Replacement Sight Window Glass and Gaskets

Level & Flow, Inc. offers a complete line of gaskets to fit almost any level gauge or sight flow indicator sight window.  We are a leading supplier of replacement sight window glass and gaskets in Savannah, GA and elsewhere in the southeast.  We also carry a full line of complete replacement glass kits with gaskets.  Let us fill a stocking order for you.

Common gasket materials include:
• Buna N gaskets
• EPDM gaskets
• Viton gaskets
• PTFE gaskets
• Silicone gaskets
• Polyethylene gaskets
• PTFE (Teflon) gaskets
• Neoprene gaskets
• Garlock gaskets
• Butyl gaskets
• Grafoil Graphite gaskets
• Gylon gaskets
• Non-Asbestos C4401 gaskets
• Ethylene Propylene gaskets

Atlanta, GA Sight Safety Glass Distributor

We additionally offer a tremendous selection of replacement sight flow indicator windows in a variety of configurations.  If you are in Atlanta, GA or anywhere in the eastern United States, schedule a meeting with one of Level & Flow, Inc.’s Technical Field Sales Representative to discuss our Sight Window Safety Glass or our line or accessories (such as mica shields, illuminators, and more).

Choose a Jacoby Tarbox safety glass window or a dual glass option.  Or, select a one piece fused glass and metal window for increased durability and safety.

• Safety Glass Windows
• Dual Glass Windows

We offer a complete line of glass options for your critical level gauges, sight flow indicators, ovens, furnaces, boilers, pressure vessels/tanks, holding tanks, and other devices.  Above is only a small sample of the glass options we offer.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us770.442.9192