Sight Flow Indicators: Types

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Atlanta, GA Sight Flow Indicator Specialist

If you are looking for a comprehensive selection of Jacoby Tarbox, or other sight flow indicators in Atlanta, GA or elsewhere in the Southeast, the Technical Support Team at Level & Flow, Inc. can help.  Below are some of the styles that we offer. 770.442.9192

Bulls Eye Sight Flow Indicators
These popular and rugged threaded or flanged full view indicators are a perfect fit for process engineers who seek to maintain full ASME compliance.  Bulls Eye sight flow indicators offer maximum reliability in demanding environments and are available with a variety of indicator style, lining, window, and gasket options.Jacoby Tarbox Bulls Eye Sight Flow Indicator

  • ASME rated
  • 1/8″ – 16″
  • Class 150, 300, & 600 psig (other pressure ratings available)
  • Industry standard face-to-face dimensions
  • Standard Neoprene gaskets (other options available) 
  • Many temperature ratings to choose from
  • Steel, 316 SS, Bronze, Iron (other alloys available)

Cylindrical Sight Flow Inicators
Level & Flow’s cylindrical sheathed tube indicators are a great choice for low pressure applications requiring increased visibility in systems where there is a slight mechanical strain.  Borosilicate glass tubes offer great visibility while protective sheathing provides support.

Dome / Agitating Ball Sight Flow Indicators
Dome or agitating ball style sight flow indicators are very popular for clear liquids.  These high quality brass indicators are pressure rated to 150 psi and temperature rated to 150° degrees F.

Tube Sight Flow Indicators
If you are looking for a sight flow indicator that provides maximum visibility, then a tube sight flow indicator may be the right choice for you.  These low pressure indicators have borosilicate glass tubes that provide full 360° degree viewing.

Jacketed Sight Flow Indicators
Call Level & Flow, Inc. today to discuss 150 class full ASME rated jacketed style sight flow indicators for applications involving temperature control at visual inspection stations along jacketed processing lines.

90° degree Angle Sight Flow Indicators
If you are unable to install a sight flow indicator along a straight line, then Level & Flow, Inc. offers the perfect solution—90° degree angle style indicators.  These sight flow indicators can be ordered with or without drip tubes.

Sanitary and High Purity Sight Flow Indicators
Our complete line of 316L stainless steel sanitary sight flow indicators are a perfect fit for your pharmaceutical, biotech, or food & beverage application where sterile processing lines are used.

Choose the Right Indicator Option

Level & Flow, Inc. offers a comprehensive sight flow indicator selection for plants in GA and throughout the entire US.  Our popular Bull’s Eye models offer several indicator options.

Rotary Sight Flow Indicators
If your GA power plant application involves dark solutions, you should consider using a rotary style sight flow indicator.  Rotary models allow workers to easily visualize flow, even when reading from far away.  These rotary indicators are also often used with gases and clear solutions.   Ask about options for high temperature applications.

Drip Sight Flow Indicators
Drip style sight flow indicators are frequently used for downward vertical flow drip applications such as distillation.

Flapper Sight Flow Indicators
Transparent or semi-transparent solutions often necessitate the use of flapper style indicators.  Flapper Sight Flow Indicators are also used for flow indication of gasses.

Flutter Sight Flow Indicators
If your application involves very low flowing gasses or liquids, you may consider our flutter style sight flow indicator.  These flutter indicators include a small TFE (Teflon®) indicator that will “flutter” against the sight window, indicating flow.  This flutter can be added as an option to many of our flapper indicators.

Experienced Tennessee Sight Flow Indicator Supplier

In Atlanta, Georgia, Chattanooga, Tennessee, or elsewhere, Level & Flow, Inc. is your trusted source for Jacoby Tarbox sight flow indicators.  Contact us today at 770.442.9192.